Nailing It

“I love the accent nail,” says Jannamarie Mendoza(7). Most girls know what the accent nail is (one nail painted a different color on the ring finger). Girls at Garner are loving this trend.

“I like painting my nails like that because sometimes I can’t choose which color I like better so I do both.  Also since I paint my nails often it works out for me,” says Amaya DeLuna(7). Some people don’t know why girls do it but some girls like it.

“I personally love it,” says Lauren Wheat(7). Girls do it because it’s a cool new fashion trend and it looks pretty.

Vacations During the Hoildays

What does your family do on holidays? There are many ways to spend holidays like Chrismas. For example, going to a family members house. You can also go somewhere like Universal Studios.

Going to a family member’s house is fun because you can see family an they can watch you flip out with joy when you get a cool present. Plus, you can thank your aunt or uncle for getting you the gift.

Going to an amusment is also fun because you will enjoy all the fun rides aand get cool souvenirs. A goo place to visit, in my opinion, is Universal Studios. If you have been to Disney land then you know what it looks like and Universal Studios is pretty much the same. What will you do for the holidays?

” We always go to France for Thanksgiving,” says Jasmine Ignacz, 8th grade.

“For thanksgiving i’m going to do collage homework,” says Mrs. Flores, the librarian.

Extraordinary Doors

At GMS students are designing and making the decorations for the holidays. These doors really bring out the holiday spirit. Grades 6-8 are making these doors for different teachers’ doors. The students make these doors as a gift for the teachers and to work in teams.
Each holiday doors has a special theme. For example Mrs. Coble, Mr. Crow’s secretary, wants a dark blue background and a white dove holding an olive tree branch in the symbol of peace.
Jade Brookbank (7) says, “I love it when the doors are up.”
Cody Krywoszej (7) says, “These doors are very creative.” Most of the doors are going to be put up the Friday before Thanksgiving break, so be on the lookout.