Christmas gifts

The holidays are aproaching and you know what that means? Time to go shopping for the family, but what is the top gifts for middle school kids?  Here are just a few ideas to get you going.

          Are you a gamer, or do you like just playing on your phone? Well here are the top devices middle schoolers want beneath the tree this Christmas.                                                                             In 3rd place there is the simple tablet, this device is fun for all ages, and can make a great gift.    

In 2nd place there is the all new Playstation 4. This is the ultimate gaming system. With top of the line graphics and handling, this is the ideal gift for a gamer.

In 1st place we have the *drum roll please* the X-box one. This gaming system costs more than the ps4, but is still a great gift.

          Middle schoolers also want loads of clothes. Here are what the teens are wanting these days.                                                                     In 3rd place we have the Nike elite socks. With amazing performance and long lasting materials , not to mention their  extremely comfortable this make a amazing gift for a fellow athlete. 

In 2nd place we have the Nike KD. (AKA Nike Kevin Durant’s).

These are very exceptional shoes for that basketball athlete.

And in 1st place there is the amazing Nike Hyper Dunks. These shoes are the best when it comes to basketball shoes.” But there is one bad thing about these shoes. They are bad on concrete,” Says Griffin Korte (7). Post in the comments what your ideal gift is.


Holidays at the Movie Theater

                       People believe it’s fun to see movies on Christmas day with your family. Movies that are open on Christmas day are possibly best known as the best movies ever to come out this year. Everybody loves movies that come out on Christmas day because all of the family can go and see it because everybody’s already there. Now some people don’t like the movies that come out on Christmas day because they say it distracts us from being with our loved ones, our family, and anyone important.  Now it’s up to you to decide whether it is bad or good in your opinion.  

Most of the movies that come out on Christmas day are family movies that everybody can see and enjoy.   Imagine that after you’ve opened up presents and had a great breakfast, you can all go to a movie and have an amazing time.  It’s the fun and trendy thing to do on holidays.

                       Other people say going to a theater on Christmas, ruins the time as a family. The togetherness of your own family is enough to make you feel happy, thankful, and joyful for all of your family, for many.

                        Whether you are excited for movies on Christmas day or against them, they always come out every year.

Candy Town

Are you addicted to Candy Crush? Well, if you are then you need to read this. The producers of Candy Crush are making it bigger and better. They are planning to make more levels all the way up to about level 500. So start getting ready candy addict!

“I’m on level 104 and I got it at the beginning of the year,” said Coach Coleman. Some people like the strategy about it and others think it’s just relaxing.  

“It’s just fun to me,” says Lauren Wheat (7).

“I can’t wait for the new levels!” says Jannamarie Mendoza (7).