Holidays at the Movie Theater

                       People believe it’s fun to see movies on Christmas day with your family. Movies that are open on Christmas day are possibly best known as the best movies ever to come out this year. Everybody loves movies that come out on Christmas day because all of the family can go and see it because everybody’s already there. Now some people don’t like the movies that come out on Christmas day because they say it distracts us from being with our loved ones, our family, and anyone important.  Now it’s up to you to decide whether it is bad or good in your opinion.  

Most of the movies that come out on Christmas day are family movies that everybody can see and enjoy.   Imagine that after you’ve opened up presents and had a great breakfast, you can all go to a movie and have an amazing time.  It’s the fun and trendy thing to do on holidays.

                       Other people say going to a theater on Christmas, ruins the time as a family. The togetherness of your own family is enough to make you feel happy, thankful, and joyful for all of your family, for many.

                        Whether you are excited for movies on Christmas day or against them, they always come out every year.

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