Extraordinary Doors

At GMS students are designing and making the decorations for the holidays. These doors really bring out the holiday spirit. Grades 6-8 are making these doors for different teachers’ doors. The students make these doors as a gift for the teachers and to work in teams.
Each holiday doors has a special theme. For example Mrs. Coble, Mr. Crow’s secretary, wants a dark blue background and a white dove holding an olive tree branch in the symbol of peace.
Jade Brookbank (7) says, “I love it when the doors are up.”
Cody Krywoszej (7) says, “These doors are very creative.” Most of the doors are going to be put up the Friday before Thanksgiving break, so be on the lookout.

A Forgotten Memory

Not many people think about it much now. Thanksgiving is being forgotten about. When you look at your TV, you can see that business are already pumping out commercials for Christmas shopping, and have been sense Halloween.

Most people don’t even know where Thanksgiving originated. After the Pilgrims survived many brutal winters, they celebrated in the Autumn of 1621 about being thankful for what they have and out of their kindness, they celebrated the feast with the Native Americans.

An 8th grade Yearling at Garner named Joshua Wong says that “Companies are skipping Thanksgiving entirely and trying to just make more sales. He is also disappointed with the decisions by the companies of moving Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day.”

Our 8th grade history teachers Mr. Ramos, thinks that “Companies are leaving out Thanksgiving, and have been since October. He completely disagrees with Black Friday being on Thanksgiving Day because the purpose of Thanksgiving is to spend time with your family, and this would have to force people to work then spending time with their family. Lastly, doing this could change the whole working schedule.”

Shoppers should consider boycotting Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving day because, Thanksgiving is a time to spend time with your family, it’s not about working. At this rate, Thanksgiving will just be a memory in the past that might be long forgotten.

Holiday Paradise

The holidays are coming up and you know what that means; sleep eat and be just plain lazy. Actually there is so much more to do then just be lazy.  Here are just a few ideas.

“One popular sport around the winter times is long boarding. The cold makes the adrenaline rush faster,” says Griffin Korte (7). He’s right. Long boarding is an amazing sport, especially in the cold.

“Another sport you could do during the cold and chilly weather is basketball. The blood flowing through your veins keeps you warm enough to just make one last shot,” says Jannamarrie Mendoza(7).

These winter sports are very amazing and exciting, so stay warm and post your favorite winter activity in the comments