The Walking Dead

You can probably tell by the title of this article, Americas #1 T.V. show is coming back. This show is a modern day thriller and is action. “The Walking Dead” is an amazing, suspenseful show.

 This amazing show has the following actors; Andrew Lincoln playing the main character, Rick Grimes; Chandler Riggs playing Carl Grimes, who is Rick’s son; Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon;

and Sarah Wayne Callies playing Lori Grimes.

This heck of a thriller started in October 31st 2010, and is coming back in February 9th 2014.

This T.V. phenomenon is about the survival of an extinction event; the zombie apocalypses. With suspense excitement and action this show has it all.

One student Griffin Korte(7) says, “This show is so amazing.”

And Ethan Gibbens’ (8) opinion is, “The Walking Dead is great but it’s to depressing every episode.”






Are you still a Belieber ?

If you haven’t heard, the legendary Justin Bieber got arrested. He got arrested on the 23rd  of January. Currently some of his charges have been dropped  like the DUI (driving under the influence) and  DWI ( driving while intoxicated ) even though Marijuana and Xanax was found in his system .

“ He’s stupid…and he needs to grow a brain!” says Kristy Beers(7) and Elizabeth Saldana(7)

“ I think it was pretty pathetic that he was smiling in the mug shot because he could have hurt someone doing that but he is human and we need to forgive and forget.” says Mrs.Bean  (7th English).

He turned himself in and has more charges like assault to his limo driver and egging his neighbors house with more than $50,000 in damage.

ripping JB

ripping JB

District Champs?

Garner Middle School plays sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and even golf. What some don’t know is we also have a tennis team. Garner’s tennis team has also beat most of it’s competition too.

The 7th and 8th grade tennis coach, Douglas Saam says that there next game is February 4th, Tuesday and they will be playing Krueger Middle school. He says, “His students are great and are improving everyday and they are a good group of kids, and we hope to have a great game.”

While there are many games to go until they can be entered in District Champions in March, they are still on a good run. Even though Garner has lost its tennis court due to construction, they haven’t given up and are practicing at MacArthur’s tennis court.

8th grade student Tyler Kuykendall says, “I feel that we are going to do good in our next game but practice is key, especially if we get to district champs because that’s when we the challenge is a lot higher. I do think that the 7th grade is really improving and it’s like we take them under our wings and teach them how to improve and play better.”

Hopefully, Garner can go to district champions to win Garner another trophy. Mr.Saam hopes to have a good game and hopes the rest will be a good season.

Head tennis coach, Mr.Saam.

Head tennis coach, Mr.Saam.