Who’s your Valentine?

Have you been waiting for Valentines Day well, wait no longer. Yes Valentine’s Day is finally here. “ I can’t wait to get all my friends carnations in the cafeteria!” says Kristy Beers(7). People just love the gift of being friends or love. “My Valentine is Richard,” says Lea Zeniga (7) but  some people don’t like Valentine’s Day like Mrs. Puricelli (7th Reading) she said, “I think Valentine’s is overrated because they just made up a holiday so can spend your money on chocolate, which, did  you notice, gets more expensive.   Almost up to $5.00 for a bag of M&Ms! That’s why I’m against it.” So if you either a Valentines or not just know that you friends and family love you. Happy Valentines Day Garner Yearlings!

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