This year, Garner Middle School Choir and Orchestra has earned their UIL sweepstakes. For the Orchestra, they earned a superior rating of all 1’s for their musical talent, and ability to handle their instruments well. The Choir students also scored all 1’s for UIL, also earning them UIL sweepstakes.

Evan Fowler (8) said, “I think that me and the rest of the Orchestra group did well for getting all 1’s, and I feel proud of the kids that are in orchestra with me. I can say that all the practice and hard work really paid off, and it showed with the score we achieved.”

Eighth grader, Colette Newton says, “I feel that we did great yet, practice played a big role in this for the whole group and it really does help a lot. I think the whole team did great.”

Because these teams have won sweepstakes, their teachers might congratulate them for their hard work with something maybe both teams will have, or they might get something better. Good job Choir and Orchestra.

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One thought on “Sweepstakes

  1. Garner Orchestra has always done wonderfully in the UIL Sweepstakes thanks to the dedication Mrs. Malone gives everyday to her students. Congratulations to all the young musicians.

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