So far this year we have posted quite a variety of articles and others really just repetitive but, there is one we can stand up and say, “That is amazing.” Here today, we are going over my favorite article and why it is so. Oh my god what? He is going to use his opinion, no way. This is in fact true; it is no longer about what the others think but, it is now me, so let’s get to it.

My favorite article this year woDSCN0290uld have to be about my budget PC which was very useful I feel, towards the large gaming community the dwells within Garner Middle school. I made this to show an amazing budget PC that would now cost about the same as a rip off console. This was a build that I personally came up with, and even used to build my own computer.

I would like to see more articles next year about topics that can benefit the well being of other students. I hope the school can improve on the technology that the school currently puts up with.

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