Lights, Camera, Action


Known for seeming difficult in the movies, acting is a big career that is pursued by the masses. Below those professional levels of acting though, are younger people that want to be “The next big thing.”


Here at Garner, our Eighth, Seventh, and Sixth graders just finished up UIL Speech competition where they go to a school that has been prepared for competition and the judges, then the students wait until their type of act is ready to be judged, ranging from duets to poetry.


Eighth grader Sarah Clamp has performed in several performances, including The Hobbit, Once Upon a Mattress, and other plays. Also she has been in UIL to compete for the trophy.


“I love acting and it is definitely a career I would pursue,” said Sarah.” I find UIL Speech Competition fun because it is fun to watch others do what you love to do. I would pursue acting overall because, you get to be someone or thing that you are not, and you are having fun at the same time.”


She ended by saying, “I started acting because I thought it would be fun to perform in front of others, and I have ever sense I was six.”


Eighth grader Colette Newton loves acting and was in a UIL One Act Play for a play called The Diviners.”I love acting because I feel like I am my own person when I act,” said Colette.


”I found that UIL can be stressful but everybody eventually puts their heads together and gets work done. I do recommend competing, that is, if you can handle it,” she answered.


“I started acting because my sister introduced me to it, and then I met Mrs. Frazier and sense then, acting has been my passion,” she ended.


Garner is putting on Grease, a musical on May 14 at TIME. Talk more about it. Sarah Clamp, Colette Newton, Ricardo Moreno, Marcus Caldera and other people.

Teathre Arts kids

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, known as Mac and Cheese and originated from the U.K, and is wide spread throughout the U.S, Australia and Canada. This pasta and cheese casserole is known as a side or snack.

Ceasar Garza (7) at says “Mac and cheese is a good snack because you can take it everywhere”. Ceasar also thinks “people should like it because of the cheese and pasta.”

On the other hand people may not like mac and cheese, such as Cody Krywozej (7) at says “the cheese is just well to cheesy.” He also said “I dislike mac and cheese because it does not have good flavoring.”

Some people think that mac and cheese is good and not good. Or they may think it’s the best thing in the world. For example mac and cheese can be served with bread crumbs. Or be served as a side dish.

All about Tacos

What is the best kind of Mexican food ever? It’s TACOS! There are all kinds of tacos. There are: bacon and egg, bean and cheese beef, and so many more. There more tacos there are, the more there is to like ( and hate). “I personally like spaghetti tacos,” says Abigil Wright-Herda, 7th. For those of you who think, “is that even a taco?” well apparently it is. Some people, like Aaon Marshal, 7th and Noel Powers, 7th like normal tacos. “I like chicken tacos the most” says Aaron, “I think bacon and egg is the best”, says Powers.

There sure are a lot of good flavors but not every taco is good. “My least favorite taco is the chocolate taco” says Wright-Herda. once again, you might think is that even a taco and once again, apparently yes. “I think the worst taco is the fish taco” says Aarron. I also asked where and why is their favorite restaurant. Mama Rachiez is my favorite place to go because they use such great flavors” says Maximous. “The best place to sell tacos is Tomy’es because they use such puffy and delicious tacos” comments Powers. Though not every taco store makes good tacos. Like there is this restaurant that burned a taco! Mama Citaz is Max’s least favorite place and Noel says Chaco’s and Chalucies is the worst.

Sometimes homemade tacos are better, provided your mom makes awesome tacos (which she should). Abby, Aaron and Max say homemade is better. Powers on the other hand don’t think homemade tacos are better. unfortunately that’s all this article has got, go enjoy a taco, right now.