Marvel comics

Marvel an alliance of heroes and villains. Made by Stan Lee, the Owner of Marvel comics. Marvel was created in 1939. For example some heroes created by Marvel are Iron Man, Spider-man, and Wolverine. There are also villains such as Loki of Asgard (Thors brother) and The Red skull.

Each hero and villain has a special powers or abilities, such as Wolverine having a healing factor, or the amazing Spider-man able to grip on to anything.

On the other hand villains such as juggernaut when gaining speed he is unstoppable, or Loki is a man of mischief and trickery.


What is a stereotype? Is it a type of stereo? Is it a food? Well, by definition, stereotype is how someone or something is viewed by the majority of the people according to websters English dictionary . Stereotyping can also be viewed as racism; it can be extremely offensive to some people.

Logan Griffin (7) says “Stereotypically, stereotypes are bad.”

Ceasar Garza (7) believes “Stereotypes are wrong because people can get hurt over them.”

People from a certain city, town, or country can be thought to be different. A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individual or certain ways of doing things. Post in the comment what you think.

-Cody Krywoszej