Let’s Go B-team!


The volleyball B team tournament for the 7th graders happened this past weekend. Luckily the B team won at Krueger Middle School. Before the tournament some Lady Yearlings had a couple of thoughts.

Savanna Del Toro (7) let all the fellow B team Lady Yearlings know that it’s just a game and to not take the game too seriously.

Another thought on the court was from Abby Burns (7), who stated just to think about a regular Garner game because all (except for 1) of the B team games at Garner were wins.

But at the end of the last game the other team won so they had to do an overtime 3rd game. Luckily the Lady Yearlings pulled out their big guns and showed Jackson who’s boss by taking the trophy home.

This would affect the B team in the future in a good way, because if the Lady Yearlings remember to pull through even after they lose a game then they’ll be able to persevere in the future.

B team baes very own sparkly volleyball

B team’s very own sparkly volleyball

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