The Famous 6th Grade Skate Party

Of course it’s time for the sixth grade skate party.  The sixth grade skate party is a night for the sixth graders to go out and have fun skating.

Sarah Arnold (6) said, “I am definitely going to the skate party.”

Sixth graders are really looking forward to skating with all their friends. Alexia Reyes (6) said, “My favorite part I think will be that my friends are going, and that we are going to have a great time together.”

Sixth graders are heading to Rollercade in school buses at 4:30 p.m. Food is not provided so bring your money. Of course there is a DJ playing some super cool jams and there are also really cool games there to. Also some 6th grade teachers will be there to.  These teachers are going to chaperone, and get their groove on. Sadly, all fun comes to an end and this fun ends at 7:30 p.m.

Of course not everyone can go to this sixth grade skate party but the ones who can, hopefully you have a great time.

Last but not least Garner’s 6th graders would like to thank our PTA for hosting this wonderful event.

7th Grade’s First Science Project


Seventh grade is starting their first project in science and it’s about cells. There are many ways and materials we can use for this project. The students can make a PowerPoint, a 3-D model and a travel brochure. Since it is their first project I was curious about this project, so I asked questions.

Vermiah Bell (7) explained why she felt they were doing the project. “So we can know the cells and materials and what part they cells are,” she says. You can tell this project is important to this student so she can know about the cells and what their jobs.

Some of the students are having a hard time on this project. Trinidad De La Cruz (7), says “I feel like this project is confusing, because the teacher didn’t explain well enough for me to understand.”

I was cornered about the cost of this project and if they think this is going to be a hard project. Lucinda Nockroes (7) said, “Yes, because the people who don’t have enough money will not be able to buy the materials they need for the project.” If the students cannot buy the materials they need, then they can do a power point, though.

In conclusion this is a very important project for the students, to learn and know about the cells. If some of the students are confused or don’t know how to do this project, and what is the cost for this project.

an example that you can do for your project

an example of a cell project