Beto’s Comida Latina

Do you like empanadas? If so, then Beto’s is the place to go!

Beto’s is a family run business. They were on Diners, Drive ins and Dives on Food Network with Guy Fiery.

They have all kinds of food from tacos to their famous empanadas. They have different kinds of empanadas such as beef and cheese, pork, bean and cheese, and many others.

Ethan Schweninger (8) says, “I like Beto’s empanadas because they have a good taste to them.”

Henry McClure (8) says, “I like Beto’s because they have good food.”

They also have dessert empanadas like their raspberry empanada.

-Griffin Korte

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6 thoughts on “Beto’s Comida Latina

  1. I would love to try them. Where are they located? How expensive are they? What are their hours?

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