Cursed at Sea World

Most people have been to Sea World. According to Victoria Garza (7), ” I have been to Sea World sevarel times.

Lots of people said it would be awesome to go to Sea World during Halloween.

“Seeing scary zombies chase me around is really fun,” said Lucinda Nockroes (7). So 2014 at Sea World is really fantastic apparently to some Garner students.

The best thing about Sea World, is seeing the animals and all of their tricks. According to Karley Head (7), “It was the best day of my life.”  The water is cool and the roller coasters are still scary. But as long as you are having fun then that is good.

Minari Williams (8) said, “Watching a whale ride a ski guy would be the best thing of my life.”

But the best thing about Sea World, is the midnight showings of the whales. when they splash, the water hits you.

It is really emotinal seeing all of the tricks, and the swimmers telling their story and what actually happend to the whales.

Next time your parents ask you where you want to go for Halloween, say Sea World. The walrus show would probably be exciting to see too! Also, Sea World is open Fri-Sunday from 12:00 to 11:00pm

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One thought on “Cursed at Sea World

  1. Wow! Sea World sounds like an awesome and amazing place to go.I personally have never been there but have always wanted to go.My family and I have always had the willing to go but unfortunately no the big bucks!I know is sad as it sounds but when I go I will sure enjoy it to the max.

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