Welcome back Mr. Sellers!

Every school needs a principal and every principal needs at least one assistant principal. In Garner Middle School we have two assistant principals. Almost everyone knows their names. They are Mr. Sellers and Mrs. Northway. One day, the students woke up like always and went to school, but they didn’t know that they were receiving unexpected news. Mr. Sellers was leaving Garner for  several months.

Now Mr. Sellers is back! He left for 7 months to Bagcan Airfield Afghanistan because that was his duty as an Air Force Reservist.

“Im very excited to be back and it’s good to be back to some sense of normalcy,” Mr. Sellers said. He is excited to be back to Garner and he is ready to be our assistant principal again. 6th graders are used to Mr. Northwood and now they are getting to know our assistant principal, Mr. Sellers.

“I am glad that he’s back because I missed him,” Amy Medina (7) said. Students like her are glad that he’s back. They are glad that he’s back but they will also miss Mr. Northwood.

Some students think that he is a good leader for Garner. “He is a good leader because he’s strict but nice at the same time,” Elizabeth Beltran (7) said. The characteristics of a good leader are being strict, so the students obey the rules but also nice, so they can be loved. Mr. Sellers has those characteristics which make him a good leader for this middle school.

In conclusion, some students and teachers are glad that Mr. Sellers is back, but some aren’t. Either way students at Ganer Middle School say, “welcome back Mr. Sellers!’                                                                                         Mr. Sellers is in his office working because that is what he is soposed  to be doing as an assistant principal                                         Mr. Sellers is in his office working because that is what he is soposed  to be doing.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome back Mr. Sellers!

  1. OMG! and yes i woke up not knowing that Mr.Sellers was leaving but the good thing is that he is back!

  2. When he left I didn’t know what to say and then we son learned that he had to leave so that he could help serve and protect our great country.

  3. Mr. Northwood will be missed dearly but its good to have are original assistant princepal back!!!

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