Cooking class

This is the class where you are free to make a mess, but the good thing is you can cook while you make a mess. Today they were making pizzas rolling the dough and tossing it in the air. Then they would make it flat and twist the edges. After, pizza sauce would flow on the flat pizza, then they sprinkle cheese and they put it in the oven, then wait until it is ready. After a couple minutes they let it cool.

this is hashem misara (8) making ghis pizza

this is hashem misara (8) making this pizza


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9 thoughts on “Cooking class

  1. i think this article is good… However, the author should of included more descriptions of this day, how the students felt cooking and/or the final results.
    Good job though!

  2. Yeah its the best class ever, we’ve also made these delicious chocolate chip cookies and muffins… YUUUMMMMM:)

  3. The best was the time when we made the rice krispies they where fun to decorate. And we got butter in our hands.
    Or when we burned all the pan cakes.

  4. Home Ec. is awesome! I mean, it’s a class tied around food, so it can’t be bad. Mrs. Rodriguez is the best, too!

  5. my biceps look huge that was a good angle!!! 😉

    thats not how i spell my name

  6. Thanks to this class we learned a lot about cooking, and now we have some recipes to cook different types of things.

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