Science Gets Chicken

student opening a chickens wing up

It’s chicken time in science. Students are opening a chicken’s insides.  The students are looking at a chicken’s wing to see the function and structure.

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12 thoughts on “Science Gets Chicken

  1. y’all should do more about the science experiments we do in science class.

  2. This picture proves that garner does a lot to help us learn in many way. They go beyond the expectation of education.

  3. I remember one time in science at my old school where my class disected a frog,it was not my one of my favorite projects in science.

  4. IS this the 8th graders that are looking at the chicken or is it a different grade

    • The chicken project was very messy and cool; the science teachers were trying to show us how tissue and other things looks like and their functions/structures

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