What you don’t know about Mrs. Santos

Mrs.Santos is helping her students

Mrs.Santos is helping her students

Mrs. Santos is one of the best science teachers for 7th grade. She knows when you’re sad or really happy, and she can help you out with everything. And she is special because she understands people.

Besides school, Mrs. Santos enjoys running, she even said, “I like to run on my own time, mostly marathons”, or just a jog to run off stress. And she also likes to do (after school) UIL for science. Another thing she does is she is a part of the FCA committee which is the Fellowship Christian Athletes committee on Wednesdays during lunch.

Did you know that Mrs. Santos worked here at Garner Middle School for over four years? She wasn’t always in 7th grade science, she was also in 8th grade Math and 6th grade Pre-AP Math.

Mrs. Santos has a son named Aiden. And she is also married.

All About Coach Coleman

One of Garner Middle Schools’ finest coaches, is Edna Coleman.

She started coaching 12 years ago, and her first school she ever coached at was right here at Garner. She said, “I really do enjoy coaching because I love watching all of my students develop.”

Coach Coleman also said, “My inspiration to become a coach were my middle school and high school coaches.”

Also, did you know that Coach Coleman coaches Volleyball, Basketball, and Track? Well, she does and she does an amazing job at teaching our 7th and 8th grade girls.

Grace Sadowski (7) said, “I think Coach Coleman does an amazing job at what she does.”

Coach Coleman is a graduate from UTSA College. She said, “If I could describe coaching in one word it would be ‘rewarding’.”

Thank you so much Coach Coleman for all that you do here at Garner Middle School. You are truly one of my favorite coaches.

Here is a picture of  Coach Coleman coaching her 7th period 6th grade girls.

Here is a picture of Coach Coleman coaching her 7th period 6th grade girls.



Manuel Patino

Manuel Patino (8) is a student here at Garner involved in a lot of activities outside of school. Manuel is involved in soccer, plays guitar, is in Principles of Hospitality which is home economics, and is an all-star at sports. And besides all the activities, he is an amazing person and smart.

Manuel’s favorite sport is soccer, which is what he practices the most out of everything Manuel plays for the San Antonio Crocketteers. When he’s not out on the field kicking a ball on his free time he plays the acoustic guitar. Manuel was asked since when has he played soccer his response was, “I’ve been playing soccer since I was 5 and my inspiration is my dad.” Manuel wants to be a soccer player and play for Real Madrid professional soccer team.

Manuel is also learning how to cook, finance etc. on home economics so he can be a smarter person in the future. Manuel over all is an outstanding person always wanting to surpass limits.Manuel Patino