The Life After School

Many students do different things after school, like doing homework, talking to friends, or even going outside to play. I thought it would be interesting if I asked a student what they do after school, why do they do this activity, and, most importantly, is it fun for this student?

“I play basketball or play video games after school,” Madison Davis (7) says. This student enjoys playing a sport or staying inside and playing a video game.

“I do this on my free time. If I don’t have homework then I either play basketball or video games.” This students takes care of what’s important and if she has spare time, then does two activities.

According to Madison,” Yes it’s fun, because for basketball, I like to run and ball is life. For video games I got inspired by my favorite video game Mind Craft.”

In conclusion this student is active and likes to stay home and play video games. Most of us would like to do this.

.Madison Davis showing her love for basketball

Madison Davis showing her love for basketball… GO GARNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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