Drama Acts Again

Mrs. Fraziers 3rd and 4th period drama class put together a Victorian Era living museum. On November 18-19 they had a living museum in the library. The students had many different groups that did different scenes. Some of the scenes had to do with the clothing or food, one even consisted of the way the maids were treated. Most of the scenes fed off of The Christmas Carol. It had some of the ghost and even Tiny Tim.

A few of the scenes with characters directly from the book are; Tiny Tim, ghost, Christmas dinner, the Cratchit family, and more. Other scenes are clothing, bed curtains, store, and even one based on Charles Dickens himself. Everyone had fun putting together their scenes, and improving everyday.

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Star Wars : The Force Awakens


Star Wars’ latest news is that its new trailer dropped for its upcoming movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The sequel to the movie “Star Wars:Return with of the Jedi” ( back in 1983 ) is going to be huge . The movie is going to return its original actors such a Harrison Ford ( as Han Solo ) , Mark Hamill ( as Luke Skywalker ) , and Carrie Fisher ( as Leia Organa ) .


Brian Miller (8) says, “I like Star Wars , but I need to watch the rest before I see this one.”


The movie has new things in it such as new  vehicles , a new stormtrooper design , a new villain with a cool looking cross lightsaber , and even the return of the Millennium Falcon .


D’Angelo Antonino (7) says ,“ I’m not really a Star Wars fan but I’ll see the trailer later . Then I’ll see the movie if it looks cool .”

See it here.

Garner to Mac

Garner 8th graders are going on a field trip to MacArthur High School. It’s their first time going to Mac. You would think it’s just fun but really it’s to prepare them for when they go to Mac next year. Since the 8th graders are the only ones going. I’ve decided to go interview one of the 8th graders to find out their opinion on going to Mac.

Jesus Mendoza (8) says, “I’m looking forward to seeing Mac because it’s going to be my first time going to high school.”

“I’m looking forward to see my other cousins and the new classes that I’m going to be in,” he added.

According to Jesus  he’s excited to go to Mac Arthur for the first time and can’t wait to see what his classes are. I would feel the same way to about going to a new school. Have fun 8th graders.

The beautiful view of the front of Mac Arthur High School