Deck the House with Lights

Christmas caroling, Christmas trees, ugly sweater parties, gingerbread houses, visiting Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, watching Christmas cartoons, watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas stories, baking cookies, spending time with family, secret Santa, opening presents, popcorn garland, Christmas cards, snowmen, snowball fights, and making reindeer food. Chances are at least one of those 18 ideas is a Christmas tradition for you and your family. Before you start picking your absolute favorite though, don’t forget decorating your house with Christmas lights.

Everyone has to love Christmas lights, whether it’s watching your dad hang them on the roof, putting them on your Christmas tree, driving around your neighborhood looking at them, going to a light festival, or even just lighting up your front yard. Believe it or not there is a neighborhood that has their very own Christmas light festival. It is called the Windcrest Christmas Lights festival, and if you live there it is really easy to enter, compete, and win. Some people go to these light festivals as a family tradition. “I go to the Windcrest Light Festival almost every year,” says Chasity Clark (7).

While looking at lights is fun, can you imagine setting them up? Even if you think they are perfect other people might be thinking that you aren’t creative enough, or that doing one color makes your yard boring. Others might think that you are just trying to show off. Chasity Clark states, “The one thing I don’t like is if they only use one color.”

“My favorite part of decorating is listening to music while doing it,” said Cristiana County (7). People can take decorating the front hard and make it a game. If you’re listening to music or racing to see who can hang up more lights, just decorating with you family should be fun.

It’s so fun to look at your neighbors Christmas lights. It’s even better to go home look at all those bright lights and not lift a finger to hang them up. Occasionally you have neighbors who don’t decorate, but it gives your yard a bigger spotlight. If your Christmas might not involve looking at lights maybe you should add that to your long list of traditions this year.


Award winning Grinch in the Windcrest Holiday Lights Contest


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  1. I know I enjoy the Windcrest Christmas Light Show. Thanks for the nice article.

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