Is “Bah-humbug” overrated?

A Christmas Carol is a famous novel about a man named Scrooge who hates Christmas with a passion, but after 3 ghosts set him straighter than parallel lines, he begins to enjoy this holiday.

7th graders had to do a project about this novel. They had 6 choices. The 6 choices will be in the gallery.

Annabel Flores (7), who has Mrs. Summey, said, “I chose the menu, because I like cooking for my family.” She also says,” I think the project should be graded on how much you know, because anybody can really be creative.” Annabel believes she’ll score an 80 or above on her project.

Ana Ripley (7), who has Mrs. Ahr, said she chose the menu because she thought it was the easiest. “I think that it should be based off creativity because you can go big,” she says.

Alexis Rodnite (7), who has Mrs. Summey, is doing the 3D project and said “Creativity is what the project should be based on, because it might be all about the information, but it should be how you present your masterpiece.” Her favorite part of the book is when Jacob Marley’s ghost arrived.

In conclusion, the 7th grade Yearlings are proud to be a part of this project and hope to do well! Good luck Yearlings!


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