2015 Gas Prices

Everybody has that one place they like to go to, but they might need a car for that. That means you need Gasoline for the car. Right now the gas prices are very low and that brings benefits to a bunch of people. In the past years there has been complaints about the high gas prices, but not anymore.

People think that it is a good thing that the prices are low. Ricardo Mendoza (parent) said,” The low gas prices are a good thing because it helps the economy.” People like Ricardo are happy that they are going to spend less money in gasoline and more money on things they want. The lowest gas price is at Sam’s Club and it is $1.64 and the highest is in Shell and it is $1.82.

The question is, why the low gas prices? Ricardo gave his opinion, “I think that the low prices are because the government wants to help us with our economy.” The actual reason is that there is more oil (supply) but there is a decrease in demand.When that happens, you’ll see prices go down.

Veronica Mendoza (parent) said, “This is affecting people because they are saving money and they are happy.” This shows that the low gas prices are affecting people in a good way.

In conclusion, the low gas prices are bringing joy to the people because gasoline is necessary for the car and now they are saving money with the low gas prices.

Ricardo Mendoza (parent) is putting gasoline in his truck.

Why The Sickness?

Lately many students and teachers are getting sick from the flu, stomach flu, and many more. Texas is the second most sickness place in the U.S. Why is this affecting so many students and teachers? Will they ever get better? I wanted to know if any adult or student knows how to prevent/nurse themselves from getting sick.

I asked an adult; Cindy Hamilton, Why is everyone getting sick? She said “the environment is one reason because the air we breathe, the food you eat, or things you touch can cause sickness. Another reason can be any type of viruses or contagious illnesses we can get from others.” You can see there are many thing that could get you sick.

I asked Karen Mendoza (7) do you think you should stay home. She said, “I should stay home if it’s contagious, but if it’s not then just miss a couple of days of school, but you have to go to school.” (You know if it’s a good idea to go to school but to stay home to keep you from getting sick. But really it’s up to you if you want to stay home.)

You can see how this affects everyone and what they’re doing to stop this. In conclusion there’s many ways you get sick and prevent yourself from getting sick like staying home , washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, not touching anything dirty thing, Etc.

Jessica Herrera taking medicine to protect her self from getting sick

Hold Up! We Dem Boyz!

This is a picture of the Dallas Cowboys logo, which is on their helmets, football field and all of their merchandise

This is a picture of the Dallas Cowboys logo, which is on their helmets, football field and all of their merchandise

It was that one catch that made everything go down hill. The head coach of the Green Bay Packers decided to challenge the Dallas Cowboys player #88. Dez Bryant caught a beautiful catch from the famous quarter back #9 Tony Romo. Everyone was probably jumping out of their chair and screaming with joy when, after the commercial break, the referee claimed the challenge was correct and then we lost 21-26 to the one and only Green Bay Packers.

Luckily we still have some fans of the Dallas Cowboys and they still believe that we will come back even better and bolder next year. One of them is Ariel Mata (7) who thinks that the Cowboys did good throughout the season. She also said her favorite player is #5 Dan Bailey, the official kicker of the Dallas Cowboys. She lastly said that she likes the logo a lot.

Lastly major DC fan Henry Garcia (7) said the Cowboys did great through the season. He also said that his whole room is filled with Cowboys merchandise. His favorite player is the quarter back for the Cowboys #9 Tony Romo. He has seen two DC games in person and he does believe that the Dallas Cowboys are Texas’s team.