Will we go to the championships?

By: Hannah G

What’s in store this year for 7th, and 8th grade football? It is the beginning of the season, and things are already looking promising. What is making the teams fight for the title of The Championship winners? Is it the teamwork, the confidence, or the attitudes of the players that make the team fight for the victory? 7th grade seems to kick off to a good start with “A” team beating Tejada on September 9, 2015, and beating Ed White on September 15, 2015 both games were away. “B” team ties against Tejada on September 9, 2015, and but shortly after the victory sadly losing to Ed White on September 15, 2015. Both games were away games. Zavnerrick Houston captain of the “B” in 7th grade said, “I feel like it’s going to be a great season. I feel like we can win District Championship.”

In 8th grade “A” team lost to Ed White September, 15 2015, while “B” team was victorious against Ed White September was victorious against Ed White September, 15 2015.  Can we go to the championships? Can the teams make the championships with courage, hope, and teamwork? Are we just getting warmed up getting ready to fight for the title of champions? The season is just starting let’s wait to find out if this year is the year.

Review on Guadalupe River

By: Dakota C.

Canyon lake-Guadalupe River is located in the Texas hill country in the United States and it is ran by the city of New Braunfels. You can go 24 hours a day and 7 days week if you want. I would leave the house little after noon to arrive when it’s not as hot outside. The activities you can do here include tubing and going swimming. The reasons you should go to the river are: most of the time you can just relax and float around and have fun. You can go swimming and you don’t have to worry about sharks or alligators or any other things! Eels, snakes, and fish live in the water, but as long as you don’t taunt the snakes, then you’ll be ok. There is a big rock in the middle of the river. If you get stuck on it, the way to get off it is to go slowly and move your bottom till you are off it. If you are with friends and are holding a rope, I prefer that, then the others will help you. I don’t suggest you get on the rock since they are really slippery and you might fall and hurt yourself or your tube might float away. If you don’t know how to swim that is okay! There are lots of parts that are shallow and you can stand up, or use a tube for floating. If you go over a small waterfall don’t freak out! If you fall, there are rocks right there so you can stand on them and also you can just hold onto you tube.

Have fun that’s all that matter!

Chalk it up!

By: Hannah G

If you would like to spend a day full of art and creativity, head on down to downtown San Antonio on October 10, 2015 from 10am till 4pm for Chalk It Up’s annual festival. San Antonio’s best artists, fun art organizations, and local art students will be down there chalking up Houston Street. There will be hands on activities for people of all ages. You will be able to join the creation of the Downtown Mural. Art Pace will be the sponsoring program with Ernesto Olivo, local artist and art educator, as Associate Educator.

What inspires these artists to do exciting works of art? What drives their passion to create works of art that become our history? Chalk It Up is the time to let your artistic passion take over you and fill the streets with creativity. It will be a family friendly event that every member can enjoy.

International artist Cally Spooners will be attending from London, also Marie Lorenz from New York, and Larry Bamburg from Brooklyn, New York. They will be the new artist residents. They will be there having an open discussion starting at 6:30pm.

Garner Middle School’s first ten people to sign up for Chalk It Up through Art Club will be attending this event to create their original idea. They will go downtown to create their inspiration of art.

There will be merriments like music and food booths. It will be a time to bring friends, and family together. There will be free admission because they care about teaching people about art, and igniting artistic passion. A festival that will bring art and people together, will you be a part of it?