Mr. Sellers

By Alexis

I had the opportunity to interview one of the assistant principals Mr. Sellers. He’s been working at Garner for 4 years. He also worked at Jackson Middle School for two years and Nimitz Middle School for two. He was a math teacher for 8th and 7th grades. His best time is his involvement and making connections with the whole school. Mr. Sellers’ only complaint is that it takes time away from his family. He wants the students at Garner to do what is necessary for them to succeed in school. He wants the teachers to provide an engaging learning environment. His favorite day is when he gets to go in the classrooms and see what the teachers and students are doing. He wishes Garner students knew that it’s his hope that they are succeful in school, his hair hasn’t always been grey and he’s not as old as he looks. Say, “hi” to him whenever you can because he is in the hallways wanting the best for you.

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