New Art Teacher

New Art Teacher

Lots of people don’t know her but she is the new art teacher, and I thought we should give her a big Garner welcome and make her feel like she is at home. I took some time with Ms. Mosqueda to ask her what are some fun things to know about her. “Ms.Mosqueda, what college did you go to, what year, and what was your degree?” “I attended several schools during my higher academic persuits, both community colleges and different universities. I graduated in 2005 from Texas State University with my Bachelors degree in Fine Art.” We know you’re a big fan of art, but is there anything else you would like to do instead of art?” “ I have many passions. I love animals, especially my dog She-Bop!, travelling, riding my bike, and of course making and seeing artworks from all different levels and different cultures.” She is off 5th period if you want to talk to her about any creative things and is here after school till 4:30 pm everyday.

Ms. Mosqueda came to Garner for many reasons but here are a few. “I loved the way my coworkers made me feel welcome and help me out in anyway they can. I also loved the outdoor campus. There are so many opportunities to see and feel the sunlight throughout our day and that was important to me. Meeting the students has been a positive experience and I love learning about them and watching them become amazing, creative people. My most recent campus was in a rural setting, and I am much more comfortable in an urban setting here at Garner.”

She has lived in many places but then she came to San Antonio to start a new life. “ I have lived in many different cities. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and loved experiencing the different seasons, fall is my favorite. I lived in Houston, Texas and got to experience all the different neighborhoods and art museums it has to offer. Two of my favorite places to live in were Florence, Italy and Cuernavaca, Mexico. I loved the food, culture, art, and people of both areas.” Well we thank you for the time and if you guys want to see her, come on down to room 401 for more information and creative experiences.

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