By: Luke

The San Antonio rodeo is fun. There are lots of things there. For example: there is always the carnival and there us the rodeo inside, which holds lots of events. I went to the carnival and we have one of the largest carnivals according to the San Antonio rodeo website. There are many fun rides like the Twister, which makes me dizzy. There are also events like the pig race, which is always fun to watch those cute pigs run around. There is also fun food that people have, like huge chicken legs. There are also games that you can win prizes for people. I think we have the best carnival because it is fun and there are many things to do, and you can have fun with your family.

A coffee better than Starbucks?

By Kiersten

A coffee better than Starbucks? No way! Actually yes way. There are more coffee choices that are better than Starbucks out there, but the one that tops my list is Ruta Maya’s. Ruta Maya is very good and organic. Ruta Maya gets its coffee from Chiapas, Mexico. They plant the coffee beans using ancient growing techniques. The coffee gets transported from one place to another, and it does not go through all the machines. 

Ruta Maya offers many different activities besides just drinking coffee. You can take yoga class, read your poems you wrote out loud to the crowd, and also go salsa dancing at night. 

If want to check Ruta Maya’s, it is located in Austin, Texas.