Cheering at MacArthur

Garner’s 8th graders that are going to be freshman at Mac next school year had the opportunity to try out for the JV or freshman cheer team. I’ve been cheering since I was three, and I’ve always loved it. I did take some seasons off from it, but I always kept tumbling to get better at my skills. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to try out because it was going to be a little different from all star cheer, what I’ve always done. However, I wanted to try something different. Try outs weren’t that hard. We had to learn a dance and a cheer. The real tryout day came and I was really nervous, but I did a good job performing, and that night they posted who made it…. and I was one of them! I was very excited to be one of the few 8th graders who made it. 


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