Frappuccino Hour

Cool. Icy. Refreshing. Creamy. Smooth. Frosty. These are just a few ways to describe Starbucks’ Famous Frappuccino. Some people describe it as a coffee milk shake, or a cold, rich delight with a hint of coffee. And now, Starbucks has a special Happy Hour! Between Three and Five p.m. every day, you can get half priced Frappuccinos. Students all over Garner are very excited for this new Happy Hour. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Julia Ortiz (8) says, “I am very excited for Happy Hour because I get more Frappuccinos. I like Frappuccinos because they’re good and they give me an energy boost.”

Vanessa Pineda (8), exclaims, “I love Frappuccinos! They’re so good, they make your taste buds want more! They’re delicious! I love Starbucks!”

But, Frappuccinos are not all Starbucks has to offer – they have a huge menu. Starbucks offers regular coffee in addition to their specialty coffees; they have iced coffee, tea, seasonal drinks, smoothies, hot chocolate, and espressos. Plus, they have food and desserts like sandwiches, yogurt, muffins, salad, various breads and cakes, oat meal, cookies, and scones.

As you can see, the new Happy Hour at Starbucks will be a big hit! Everybody is looking forward to it! I know I can’t wait to taste those delicious, creamy, cold, coffee milkshakes at half the price! Hope to see you there!

Starbucks Coffee

Julia Ortiz (8) enjoying her favorite drink from Starbucks.

A fresh Frappuccino from Starbucks.

Ahhhhchoooo: The Most Common Spring Time Greeting!

Ahhhhchoooo: The Most Common Spring Time Greeting!

Ava S.

Spring: Days grow longer; Sun shines brighter; Pollen gets heavier.

But mostly, spring allergies fill the air. During San Antonio’s seasonal change of spring, there is lots of pollen and allergens in our air. Bethany Lockett (8) says, “I am taking every allergy medicine possible so I don’t have to miss school. If I wasn’t on ultra allergy meds, I would be very sick.” Let’s take a closer look as to what’s in the air.

First and foremost, there is a lot of oak pollen floating around. You may recognize it as those little green puffs that get into everything. It can cause sneezing, coughing, and sinus pressure. This is an annual pollination that happens every year so more oak trees can grow.

Trees may look beautiful, but give off pollens that cause many peoples’ allergies.

Also, many trees and flowers are blooming, so their pollens are filling the air. “My allergies suck,” claims Skyler Edmisten (8). This spring, Doctors would suggest going to an allergist, a doctor who specifies on allergies, if you have symptoms like sinus pressure and headaches, running or stuffed nose, or coughing. The best you can do for your body is eat right, exercise, and get lots of sleep to prevent illness.

Hopefully, these allergens won’t get to you. Take care of your body and await the fresh air of summer.

Finding Dory?

This will be the cover to Finding Dory. (Found on the website

Ava S.

In 2003, Pixar released a movie called Finding Nemo. On April 2, 2013, Pixar announced they are making a sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory. “Even though I’m older, I think Finding Dory will be awesome,” says James Syler (8).

In the first movie, Nemo is separated from his father, Marlin.  So, Marlin journeys across the entire ocean to find his son.  Along the way, Marlin befriends many different sea creatures, including a fish named Dory.  Although they seem unlikely friends, Dory’s spunk and enthusiasm motivates Marlin to find his son. Madelyn George (8) says, “I’m excited for Finding Dory because Finding Nemo was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!”

Pixar has not released the official plot line for Fining Dory yet, but we do know it will take place off the east coast of California, 1 year after Marlin and Nemo are reunited, so there may be a chance we will get to see how some of Nemo’s friends, like Squirt the Turtle, have grown up.

The actress playing Dory, Ellen DeGeneres, is really excited to be making a movie about Dory. She claims that this movie will be a great family movie.  She also says that it will be quite funny, and full of heart.

Finding Dory does not come out until 2015, so many people are disappointed they will have to wait so long for the movie to come out.  But, at least we know that the world has not lost its taste in great family movies. I can’t wait to see you at the theater!