Start the Year in Skates

Fun, exciting, and full of lights, the 6th Grade Skate Party took place on Wednesday October 3, 2012. The sixth graders got to spend time with their friends and skate their hearts out!

There was a blackout skate time, where you could skate in the dark; there were also a couple of races. Ethan Schweninger (6) says that he enjoys the blackout skate because, “it was easier to skate, and more fun to skate, in the dark.”   Kids could purchase food and fun lights to put in their mouth and around their necks.

Lauren Wheat (6) says she was looking forward to the party because, “I finally know how to skate, and I won’t fall on my butt!” There were about 5 injuries, overall, but none of them were that serious. This year’s Skate Party was a great success!

The PTA sponsored skate party is a great way for students to have fun and get to know each other better.  These 6th graders have a great start to their year!


What Colorful Feet

Here at Garner we have a variety of students with different personalities. Everybody prefers something different to have on their feet. Here are some creative, colorful, and fun shoes students wear!




Bethany Lockett (8) likes Converse because, “they’re light weight and are easy to waer-in.”




Nike tennis shoes




Pink Sparkly TOMS
Clara Rodriguez (8) looks for rainbow shoes because, “then they would go with everything.”


Slides and Nike socks


“I love Chacos because they’re very comfy.” – Miabel Self (8)