Final Thoughts

Looking over this past year we have made some great accomplishments. The campus news team has written great articles for you and we have had some fun times. But let’s take some time for reflection.

Personally one of my favorite articles I’ve written so far is my Apple versus Android article, because this article, I think, had great meaning and relevance to the current generation.

One thing I liked about this year at Garner was the switch to video announcement; it gave viewers not only a verbal but a visual stimulus as well. On the other hand one thing that should improve next year is some of the cafeteria food. And finally one thing I hope for next year is that some of the 8th grade teachers will be great! See you next year! 🙂

-Cody Krywoszej



What is a stereotype? Is it a type of stereo? Is it a food? Well, by definition, stereotype is how someone or something is viewed by the majority of the people according to websters English dictionary . Stereotyping can also be viewed as racism; it can be extremely offensive to some people.

Logan Griffin (7) says “Stereotypically, stereotypes are bad.”

Ceasar Garza (7) believes “Stereotypes are wrong because people can get hurt over them.”

People from a certain city, town, or country can be thought to be different. A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individual or certain ways of doing things. Post in the comment what you think.

-Cody Krywoszej