Star Wars : The Force Awakens


Star Wars’ latest news is that its new trailer dropped for its upcoming movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The sequel to the movie “Star Wars:Return with of the Jedi” ( back in 1983 ) is going to be huge . The movie is going to return its original actors such a Harrison Ford ( as Han Solo ) , Mark Hamill ( as Luke Skywalker ) , and Carrie Fisher ( as Leia Organa ) .


Brian Miller (8) says, “I like Star Wars , but I need to watch the rest before I see this one.”


The movie has new things in it such as new  vehicles , a new stormtrooper design , a new villain with a cool looking cross lightsaber , and even the return of the Millennium Falcon .


D’Angelo Antonino (7) says ,“ I’m not really a Star Wars fan but I’ll see the trailer later . Then I’ll see the movie if it looks cool .”

See it here.

A Slice of Life : Nathan Robertson

Nathan Robertson (8) at Garner Middle School is a good, intelligent student , but what does he do?

Nathan is involved in theatre arts it’s the advanced theatre arts class . He told me that the theatre arts kids have to get ready for UIL.“We are getting ready by auditioning for the parts, then we will start rehearsals up until February,” says Nathan.

He is involved in basketball for Garner Middle School, too . Nathan is on Go-Team and plays the center position . He hasn’t played yet  because of the large size of the Go-Team . Nathan is expected to play the next game after Thanksgiving break .

Nathan is even in the morning announcements so Nathan told me about it. “We first record opening and closing . Then we work on voice over ( if any ), find videos for certain projects, and finally work on skits .”

He is also in Go Getters Club. “We talk about colleges and how to get in them, and how to earn school scholarships. We also sometimes have special speakers from colleges,” he says.

Nathan surely does a lot of things but why does he do all this, and how does he make the time to do this ?


Nathan said, “ Well theatre arts and morning announcement are my electives , so I get them done during school . Basketball and  Go Getters are just a couple of after school activities that are fun & most of the time easy to be there for . Theatre arts has also school activities such as UIL , competitions , the school play , etc . I’ve had the privilege of participating in almost all of those events the past 3 years. It’s fun , but also you want to be able to work hard at all of these activities , and not just join them.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you didn’t know already, the Avengers:Age of Ultron trailer has been leaked. The trailer was supposed to show during Marvels new episode of “Agents of Shield”, but it obviously didn’t go as planned. The trailer is amazing and it looked like the movie is going to have a darker tone to it.

According to German Bolanos [8] he wants to see it because, “The first one is very cool and the graphics and all that was really amazing, and so I guess this one would be even better.”

The first Avengers movie main villain was Loki and his army. Many of us know who Loki is, or at least have heard of him, but do any people know who Ultron is?

Valente Rodriguez [8] says, “No, I’ve never heard of him.”

To give you a little background info on him, Ultron is the main foe of the Avengers, and he is originally created by a different superhero called Antman. There isn’t an Antman movie yet so in this case he is going to be created by Tony Stark. Ultron’s powers are super strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, and flight, and he has hundreds of minion clones of himself. He could shoot energy blasts, and overall Ultron is a smart android / robot. To top it off he is made out of adamantium (adamantium is the same metal made out of Captain Americas shield), so Ultron is almost indestructible.

With the year going fast as usual it won’t be long till Avengers Age of Ultron comes on the big screen. It will hit theaters May 1, 2015.