Swim Team Season

We all can’t wait for summer to be here! We also can’t wait to go swimming, or swimming on a team. You may not know it’s the swim team season and a lot of us can’t wait for it to start.
When asked, if he enjoys swim team, Sam Irizarry (6) he had exclaimed, “Yes I do I like it because I think it’s really fun to do.” Mia Retault (6) says, “I like swim team because you get to see all your friends, but I like competing more because it’s exciting to see all your competition and just swim!”
Noah Paveglio (6) and Griffin Cordy (6) both like swim team because, “It’s really fun and it’s a great workout!” Their first swim meet is June 1st. For now swim team is meeting every day after school except for Thursday, and it’s from 5 to 8.
If you love swimming, then you should try the Regency swim team. Who knows, you may even like it.

Oh no it’s; SPRING FEVER

Now that spring is here, it’s time for yet another year of Spring Fever. In case you don’t know what spring fever is, it’s basically a month of more sunshine, a lot more people playing outside, and getting more hyped up.
Most people just want to stay inside because they don’t like going outside and just want to play on their games, while most people can’t wait to hit the road and play basketball or something. When asked, have you ever had spring fever Amiyah Ward (6) had exclaimed, “I have been affected because it gets me so excited because I’m in 6th grade.”

Not all people get affected like John Lopez (6) had said, “I haven’t been affected because I really don’t like to go outside.” Well, that’s alright because not all people like to go outside.
Conner Wiley (6) had said, “I’m sort of affected because I like the sunshine and I also like to play basketball outside.”

A lot of people just can’t wait until summer is here like, Noah Paveglio (6) and Tatum Owams (6), they both exclaimed, “I do get excited because it’s only a couple more days until school is out and summer is right around the corner.
It’s ok if you don’t like to go outside and you would rather play your games or something, but one thing for sure spring fever will come every year and only affect some people.

Oh Yum Nutella!

Do you know what the best thing to eat is? In case you don’t know it’s Nutella! Why? Well, for starters it’s really yummy and second, only crazy people don’t like Nutella!
When asked does he like Nutella, Cade Sheeren (6) had said, “I love Nutella because you can put it on anything and it tastes amazing!”

A lot of people like Nutella, especially Devony Turis (6) she had exclaimed, “I really like Nutella because it tastes like a mixture of hazelnut and peanut butter.”

Also Cade Sheeren had exclaimed, “I would love to eat Nutella everyday because you can basically put it on everything!” Devony Turis also agrees.
While Cade and Devony love Nutella, others disagree with them. Rebecca Archer (7) had said, “I don’t like Nutella because it tastes so gross!” Most people don’t like it because they don’t like chocolate or just because they dislike the flavor. But that’s their opinion, so that’s alright.
If you don’t love it, you can always try it and say you’ve tried something new. Just as it says on the label, “you can’t say you don’t like it until you try it.”