A Forgotten Memory

Not many people think about it much now. Thanksgiving is being forgotten about. When you look at your TV, you can see that business are already pumping out commercials for Christmas shopping, and have been sense Halloween.

Most people don’t even know where Thanksgiving originated. After the Pilgrims survived many brutal winters, they celebrated in the Autumn of 1621 about being thankful for what they have and out of their kindness, they celebrated the feast with the Native Americans.

An 8th grade Yearling at Garner named Joshua Wong says that “Companies are skipping Thanksgiving entirely and trying to just make more sales. He is also disappointed with the decisions by the companies of moving Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day.”

Our 8th grade history teachers Mr. Ramos, thinks that “Companies are leaving out Thanksgiving, and have been since October. He completely disagrees with Black Friday being on Thanksgiving Day because the purpose of Thanksgiving is to spend time with your family, and this would have to force people to work then spending time with their family. Lastly, doing this could change the whole working schedule.”

Shoppers should consider boycotting Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving day because, Thanksgiving is a time to spend time with your family, it’s not about working. At this rate, Thanksgiving will just be a memory in the past that might be long forgotten.

Pro Gaming

With games right around the corner this Fall, consoles aren’t going to be your best bet for the greatest experience. A flaw people believe is that consoles are better than PC’s which is a massive opinion and untrue depending on your PC. Say you have an office computer, then obviously a console is more ideal and they better are budget wise for gaming. If you had the knowledge of good PC’s, you could make a $500 dollar PC that would out do any console.

Things you should take into consideration are that prices for parts always change so get them when they’re the cheapest. For a PC build though out it’s your choice. The key components though that a PC is unable to survive with are, a graphics card, processor, mother board, power supply, RAM, hard drive, finally the case of the computer to keep all the parts contained. Optionally you could buy a new keyboard and mouse if you have none to spare, and you could get speakers or headphones.

An 8th grader at Garner named Evan Fowler recommends that “Building a PC should be your first option because, it can save you more money than just buying a PC, and it’s a good learning experience.

Daniel Denis, a fellow 8th grader, believes that, “Building a PC is better in the long run because you get to choose what you want with your computer if they’re compatible parts.”

Of course if you don’t want to build because it’s too difficult, or you’re just lazy, you can buy a gaming PC at Cyberpower PC that also allows you to customize how you want it and when you want it delivered for a pricier budget. If you just happened to have more than $1000 then you could get an Alienware PC even though they aren’t the best idea due to a very low quality graphics card. Your best Alienware option is a laptop they won the title of having the best gaming laptops. The true reward for getting a very pricier computer is that you get many more games, Betas, Alphas, and other Indie games.

In the long run for a low budget, get a console. If you are looking for a better experience and better graphics, then a PC should be ideal.

Technical Difficulties

As you may know, our school and plenty others are rather outdated technologically. The NEISD, though, is working on updating the hardware. The real question is, do they have the budget for it after improving schools with new gyms and expansive renovations.

One of our fellow 8th grade students at Garner, Damian Mora says,”The district should work on improving the internet speed due to it taking excessive time to load a page, making me and fellow students inefficient at doing what is expected of us.”

Another student 8th grader that agrees with the subject is Sarah Clamp. She also believes, “They should be able to improve most of our tech sometime just before or even after summer and should donate the unwanted hardware instead of dumping it.”

A big project North East ISD has started is call Transforming the Future knowing as how jobs in our modern world now a day’s any job requires some sort of technological skill. One of the several improvements in schools is that NEISD is buying iPads for schools from Elementary to High School.

The project though is running on 5 steps which are found in the about section on their website. If you believe the same of changing our future then find a way that you feel you can help.

By- Ethan Gibbens