Garner vs. Jackson, 7th grade volleyball.


A week ago the Lady Yearlings of the Go team volleyball played against the Jackson Jaguars. And they showed them, that’s for sure. Luckily they won and practiced hard as well.

At Garner all of the teams won accept for A-team because of 1 mistake! But we are still alive because we are taking on Driscoll on Thursday.

The Go team game at Garner happened because it would be the 2nd to last game of the whole volleyball season. I have a feeling that some of the lady Yearling are a little bit nervous for the last game of the season!



The Flu Blues

In this picture there is a girl washing her hands to prevent getting the flu

In this picture there is a girl washing her hands to prevent getting the flu

Throughout the month a lot of people have been getting quite sick and the whole reason  is because it’s that time of the season again. I know what  your thinking; the fun type of season when we get presents, but really it’s the season of cold, rain, and FLU.

Throughout the week I went to some of the students wandering the halls of the school for a couple questions. First I asked Stephani Cisneros (6)  if she had ever had the flu and surprisingly she said “no”, Then I had to ask how she didn’t have the flu at all in her life and she responded in 2 words, “flu shots.”

Next we went to Hannah Aelvoet(7) and Christiana County(7) and asked if they were getting a flu shot this year since the flu has been spreading. Hannah said that she gets one every year to prevent getting sick. And Christiana said she is also getting a flu shot.

I have had the flu about 5 times (and I am not joking). I am severely afraid of shots, so I just get the nasal spray, which isn’t as painful.