Beto’s Comida Latina

Do you like empanadas? If so, then Beto’s is the place to go!

Beto’s is a family run business. They were on Diners, Drive ins and Dives on Food Network with Guy Fiery.

They have all kinds of food from tacos to their famous empanadas. They have different kinds of empanadas such as beef and cheese, pork, bean and cheese, and many others.

Ethan Schweninger (8) says, “I like Beto’s empanadas because they have a good taste to them.”

Henry McClure (8) says, “I like Beto’s because they have good food.”

They also have dessert empanadas like their raspberry empanada.

-Griffin Korte

Final thoughts

My favorite article had to be the holiday doors, because I was part of making them for my art class. I really thought that it was fun for an article. I also think that this year was good because I really like all my classes and am looking forward to 8th grade. I hope that the lunches get better next year. (Next year I am hoping to get into high school and have fun in 8th grade). On the other hand there were some cool things about this year. There were the new video announcements and the Grease play . I also think that I could improve on a couple of my subjects.


-Griffin Korte




Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, known as Mac and Cheese and originated from the U.K, and is wide spread throughout the U.S, Australia and Canada. This pasta and cheese casserole is known as a side or snack.

Ceasar Garza (7) at says “Mac and cheese is a good snack because you can take it everywhere”. Ceasar also thinks “people should like it because of the cheese and pasta.”

On the other hand people may not like mac and cheese, such as Cody Krywozej (7) at says “the cheese is just well to cheesy.” He also said “I dislike mac and cheese because it does not have good flavoring.”

Some people think that mac and cheese is good and not good. Or they may think it’s the best thing in the world. For example mac and cheese can be served with bread crumbs. Or be served as a side dish.