How the Avengers assembled

This May get ready for the superhero movie of the summer as some might say. The Avengers are coming and they will assemble. All year people have been waiting for what is planned to be the movie of the year.

The Avengers are a group of Marvel superheroes that battle the bad guys as some would say. The Avengers was first was created by Stan Lee on September of 1963. The Avengers are made up of Captain America, The Hulk, Ironman, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, and their leader Nick Fury. As the months and years go by however more and more of the superheroes join such as spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Ant Man, and countless others.

When I went to ask people about their favorite marvel character Ariel Jones (8) stated “my favorite superhero is spiderman because I really like the colors he wears.” I also asked her if she could have any super power what would it be and she said ” I would want to have the power to read peoples mind to see what they think of me.” I also went to ask the same question and replied.

So this summer definetly go check out what is supposed to be a stunning movie. This movie is sure to bring big bucks. You can check out htis movie at any movie theater on May 4th.

St. Patrick’s Palooza

Have you ever wondered why we wear green on St. Patrick’s day, or why we even celebrate it in the first place? In this article we find out everything we can about the great Saint of Ireland.

    St. Patrick’s day is a time for everyone to celebrate the birthday of Saint Patrick who lived during the fifth century in Ireland as a slave. He later escaped only to come back to Ireland. When he came back he was known as the person who brought Christianity to Ireland. In the 17th century people originally would wear blue on St. Patrick’s day, however they changed it to green soon after, since green is one of the colours on their flag.

    When I went out to ask people about their favorite St. Patricks’ day, Justin Wood (7) replied, “My favorite thing is how you get to pinch people if they’re not wearing green.” After he replied, I asked him if he would be a leprechaun for a day he stated, “Of course, how many days do you actually get to be a leprechaun?” I also went to ask  Pedro Jucino (6) what he likes about St. Patrick’s day and he said, “I loved getting free french fries and green sauce from Burger King.” I also asked him if he also would want to become a leprechaun for a day, and he replied, “Yes, because I’d get free gold and create awesome double rainbows.”

    So when the next St. Patrick’s day comes remember where the great holiday came from, and don’t forget to wear your green wherever you go. HAPPY ST.PADDY’S DAY!

-Isaiah Perkins

The Best Movies Of 2011

By: Isaiah Perkins

Last year was amazing! 2011 gave us many great memories. Some of the greatest things that 2011 presented to us were the amazing movies. In honor of the great movies we looked back at the best ones.

This year will have very big shoes to fill when it your talking about movies; however, I don’t think at all it will be complicated to top 2011. 2012 has already announced the huge news on nearly all the new movies coming out. This includes The Avengers, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, GI Joe:Retaliation. With these movies and more it’ll be a great year for movies.

I went to ask some students on their opinion when it came to movies. I went to 7th grade lunch and saw Jakob Flores who said, “My favorite movie was Cowboys Vs Aliens; it has alot of action.” After I met up with Jennifer Burrowes to see what the best actors of 2011 was, she replied, ” The best actor was Johnny Depp, because Pirates Of The Carribean On Strangers Tide  was really good.” After I was finished with her, I interveiwed Demetrius Walker, and asked him what his favorite movie of 2011 was and he stated, “My favorite movie was The Smurfs.” I then asked him who the best actor of 2011 was and he said, “My favorite actor is George Lopez because he was funny in The Smurfs.”

This year is definetly going to great and extravagant, and the movies will be even better. Nomatter if you like acton, comedy, or horror your in for a great time.