My thoughts

My favorite article that I wrote was my taco article. Mostly because I put a lot of effort into it unlike the other ones. I also liked my theme, TACOS! It was the best theme ever.What I liked best about Garner was hanging out with all my friends. I also enjoy writing all the articles in campus news. This school year has been AWESOME. But I hope that next year would be even better though. What I hope for next year is for me to get really goof teachers. I doubt that i wont get good teachers because they all seem so nice. I also hope that teachers are more open and allow thier students to be borrowed for a munite. That would be really nice for the campus news and year book. I really hope I have a good last year at Garner next year. Otherwise, I might not have such a fun time. So I hope that my year goes nice.

All about Tacos

What is the best kind of Mexican food ever? It’s TACOS! There are all kinds of tacos. There are: bacon and egg, bean and cheese beef, and so many more. There more tacos there are, the more there is to like ( and hate). “I personally like spaghetti tacos,” says Abigil Wright-Herda, 7th. For those of you who think, “is that even a taco?” well apparently it is. Some people, like Aaon Marshal, 7th and Noel Powers, 7th like normal tacos. “I like chicken tacos the most” says Aaron, “I think bacon and egg is the best”, says Powers.

There sure are a lot of good flavors but not every taco is good. “My least favorite taco is the chocolate taco” says Wright-Herda. once again, you might think is that even a taco and once again, apparently yes. “I think the worst taco is the fish taco” says Aarron. I also asked where and why is their favorite restaurant. Mama Rachiez is my favorite place to go because they use such great flavors” says Maximous. “The best place to sell tacos is Tomy’es because they use such puffy and delicious tacos” comments Powers. Though not every taco store makes good tacos. Like there is this restaurant that burned a taco! Mama Citaz is Max’s least favorite place and Noel says Chaco’s and Chalucies is the worst.

Sometimes homemade tacos are better, provided your mom makes awesome tacos (which she should). Abby, Aaron and Max say homemade is better. Powers on the other hand don’t think homemade tacos are better. unfortunately that’s all this article has got, go enjoy a taco, right now.

The Northwood Carnival

It’s just a few more days until the carnival comes on April 19th from 11 o’clock A.M. to 7 o’clock P.M. There are lots of  fun games like a dunk booth and spin & win. They also have good food like tacos and snow cones. It is a blast!

If you are a great helper, then come over and volunteer to help for either: set up, game helper, food helper, or clean up. So come on down for fun, and FOOD! Bring your friends for even more fun.

“It’s pretty cool. I’m going to do a shift at the dunk booth,” says Cody Kywoszej.