What did you pick?

As some of you know, on Friday, January 7th we turned in choice slips on what we wanted to do next year in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Well, depending on what you like and what you choose, you could be in the right place. Some electives can only be chosen when you are in 7th or 8th grade like athletics or yearbook and campus news. Also, Pre-AP Science and History can only be chosen in 8th grade. Some electives, like Pre-AP require a teacher signature. What have you chosen? Did you make sure to put your electives in the order that you want them?

Here will be a picture of the form that you fill to join campus news

“The electives I have chosen are strings and digital connections,” says Sylvia Garcia 6th grade.

“My electives are AVID and Spanish” says Ayesha Kishwar 7th grade.

Restaurant Quality Pizza at Garner

There is a lot of recent talk about the Garner pizza. Are they using a different recipe or a new ingredient? People like Talee Hill (8) are saying, “I think the pizza is a little better.”

Other people like Carlos Ruelas (7) say, “I think the pizza is still the same.”

So what do you think? Is the pizza better or is it the same? If you haven’t tried it, you should and see what you think. The cafeteria ladies say that they are using different dough and pepperoni.

Time for Lights

It’s time to start decorating for christmas. Maybe ypur house looks loke this or this. Check out the other houses below. leave a comment to show which house you like best.


People probably decorate to show how much holiday spirit they have. Lots of people love the lights and it makes them happy.

” Holiday ligths lift my spirit!” says Mrs. Zamarripa, 7th grade reading teacher.

” I like seeing all the pretty lights,” says Cassandra Torres, 7th grade student.