The Great Gatsby






The great Gatsby is now in theaters  it stars Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby, Toby Maguire as Nick Carraway, and carry Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan.





The great Gatsby was inspired by the novel  “The Great Gatsby”  by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s  an American writer .   in 2012 Fitzgerald chose Leonardo Dicaprio to be the star of his   Fitzgerald picked Leonardo Dicaprio to be the star of “The Great Gatsby” because he thought that he would bring excitement and thrill that the movie needed. The Great Gatsby was directed by Baz Luhrmann.  Baz is an Australian film director , producer and screen writer. He is best known for the red curtain trilogy “Romeo + Juliet “and “Moulin Rouge”. He says that the reason he chose to take the directing role of The Great Gatsby was because he  liked the fact that he’ll be part of kick starting twenties fashion. He also agreed to be the director because he loves the way the movie has passion , heart break , and confusion wich he thinks makes a movie strong. The movie took place in Sydney , Australia on September 5, 2011. It was originally scheduled for a December 2012 release,but on August 6, 2012, it was reported that the film was being moved to a summer 2013 release date In . The film was originally supposed to be filmed in New York were the novel is set , starting in June 11. But Baz the film director, instead opted to have the principal photography happen in Sydney so filming began on September 5, 2011. To create the scenery Catherine Martin stated that the team styled the interior sets of Jay Gatsby’s mansion with gilded opulence, in a style that blended establishment taste with Art Deco. The inspiration she had for Jay Gatsby’s house came from the . Long-destroyed Beacon   Towers ,thought by scholars to have partially inspired Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby estate. As you already know a lot of confusion and skill went into making “The Great Gatsby” an extraordinary movie.  Go and see it you’ll  be glad you did.

All Out Easter

                                                       This year everyone is going out of their way to make Easter very special. The First Lady gave out tickets to military families so that those children could experience Easter at the one and only White House. Even Easter Island is going out of its way by throwing a magnificent party to honor its name and its rich culture. Even Danica Goodwell,  a good friend of the Kardashion family, is excited about Easter and wrote this Easter poem.                                        Painting Easter Eggs

I’m going to paint some Easter eggs

With yellow , red  , and green

I’ll put some dots stripes and curles,

they’ll be th best you have  seen

I’ll try not to make a mess, but  I’m

Sure I wont suceed

A flat egg just does not exist , and

That is what I need.


Since you get a feeling of how Easter is going to be this year you should make your Easter very unique like the Easter  bunny’s  ears.

Valentine’s Day


As you know, Valentine’s day is coming and everyone is rushing to buy the one’s that they love a memorable gift , such as jewelry, boxes of chocolate, and the classic red roses. But some people are just using Valentine’s day as a day to slip away from their everyday life and fall in love with their loved ones all over again. Students at school are also getting prepared for this day. They’re buying roses and chocolates for the ones that they like and deserve something for Valentine’s day. Roses are red, violets are blue,buy someone a valentines gift, someone who truly loves you too.