Spring break!!! Are you doing anything???

Spring break!!! Are you doing anything???

By: Alexis

Spring break is near are you traveling? Or, are you staying at home like me? There are many things you can do during this week. If you’re traveling, you can go to many different places. Even if you’re staying home in San Antonio for spring break, you can still do lots of thing like hang out with friend or go out with family. You can travel to your grandparent’s house or you can travel to the movies with your friends and family. Even if you’re staying home, you can still have an awesome spring break. You can sleep in or eat all you want. Wouldn’t it be awesome to binge watch your favorite show and eat all you want? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you’re grounded during this time, unfortunately all you can do is sit in your room and be forced to do chores and other things you don’t want to do. Hope you have a great spring break no matter what!

Leap Year

By: Luke

Leap Year

Leap year, what is it and why do we have it? It comes every 4 years, and what changes is they add the 29th day to February. We have leap year to keep our clocks up with the Earth’s gravitational clock. It is also said that leap day is the day women propose to men. This started for a nun in Ireland. To say that leap year is just for our Earth’s rotation, it has a change in time by one day. Instead of 365 days, there is 366. Some people think that it has no reason but I think it’s just science and we just have to go with nature. There is no real nature.

Summer Near

By: Vyolette

Summer Near

Today of March 7, 2016 we only have 3 more months of school left

and their summer waiting around the corner

But then spring break is next week one week of break

As the sun still hides behind the clouds but hopefully by the end of

March everything will lighten up and tree grow as well

Waiting for me to hit the beach the hot sun hits your face as you lay

under an umbrella

A cold breeze in the air as I moves farther away to other places in


Road trips all day long, spending time with your family, and having


Man I can’t wait any longer if only the school days went by fast

Until fully blue sky and no clouds in sight as the bird soar in the sky

flying towards the sun for a better distance

As it will shine in San Antonio as it will never shine bright all day but

gloomy days

And 3 months of sleeping as I wish us humans can hibernate as long

as we want

Until then we are in school doing exams, benchmark, and most

importantly STARR