What Makes You Beautiful

That is the famous title of One Direction’s new single “What Makes You Beautiful” (which came out in September 2011 in the UK) is rising in the charts as we speak. The British boy band was originally on the x-factor and got third place overall, but ended up being the most popular and successful in the end. The band consists of Liam Payne, Zayne Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Emma Anderson (6) has a particular liking to Liam Payne because, “He’s such a good singer and he’s cute too!” Courtney Davis (8) says, “I love Louis Tomlinson because he’s beautiful and has the voice of an angel.”

Alexis Ybarra (7) exclaims, “I absolutely love One Direction! They’re such great singers and they’re very talented!” One Direction is the first UK band in history to have a number one hit on the U.S  billboard 200 on their first album. Although they are known for “What Makes You Beautiful”, around the world fans have their own favorite songs, like Elena Wood, who states, “I love the song “One Thing” because I love the lyrics and they all sound so good in it!” She then adds, with a smile, “Especially Zayne and Harry.” Although not everyone likes One Direction, we all have different opinions on One Direction, like Ariel Jones (8) who claims, ” I’m not a huge fan of One Direction. I mean they are pretty good, but I think they are just going to be another boy band.” Martin (Glenn) Burns (6) defends One Direction and says, “I’m a guy and I actually think they are pretty good singers – it sure beats Justin Bieber!” As you can see, One Direction is making their way around the world (they’re even opening a 2013 tour next year in North America) with billions of fans catching the One Direction Infection, there is no doubt that they are going to be big!

By: Julia Ortiz

Picture from: onedirectionmusic.com (official website)

Let the Games Begin!

 “Let the games begin!” Those are the famous departing words the players hear before entering the game. A fight to the death it may be also called, but well known as The Hunger Games. The book has sold over 26 million copies of the series containing The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mocking Jay. Elena Wood (7) admits, “My favorite book of the series is Mocking Jay, because Katniss finally decides who she truly loves.” Every person has a favorite book out of the thrilling series The Hunger Games, but some people have different opinions. Just like Ryan Wheat (7) who states, “I’m not a huge fan of The Hunger Games. The concept overall is good, but the storyline was confusing for me. It was about two people who had to kill each other, but they loved each other, but not really. That’s what I don’t get.” Miabel Self (7) defends The Hunger Game series by saying “I love it, because it’s thrilling and adventurous and romantic! A little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.”

It doesn’t matter how old you are to enjoy the fabulous series The Hunger Games! Even Mrs. Jackson admits, “I’ve read all of the books and I couldn’t put them down. The minute I read The Hunger Games I had to read Catching Fire, and when I finished that I had to read the final book Mocking Jay!” The  book takes you to a whole other world as soon as you start reading it, and the suspense is killing every fan out there to see The Hunger Games come out on March 23, 2012. Annie Hammond (6) excitedly said, “I can’t wait! It’s going to be such a good movie! I’m excited to see my favorite characters on the big screen.” Are you excited to see the new movie? The movie critics so far gave it 4 stars and say “It will leave you at the edge of your seat!” The fabulous series is truly a work of art in this generation and, as they say at the reaping of the games, “May the odds be in your favor.”

By: Julia Ortiz

Solo Stars

Maya Angelou once said, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song .” In this case it is very true, especially if you are in choir. The choir students of Garner Middle School are preparing for a very important event. An event that tests their voice and their confidence all in one.

 Solo Ensemble is the one thing that keeps choir students practicing every single hour of the day. Each student in all grade levels ( boys and girls)  are given a solo that suits their voices so they can compete to get a decent score. Students have an option to compete but Mrs. Silvia highly encourages trying out to get a feel for it. “I’m very excited for the students who are doing Solo Ensemble.” Mrs. Silvia says,”It gives them a chance to show the hard work and dedication they put into their solo.”  The contest is on February 13, 2012, on a Monday after school at Garner Middle School from 4:30 to 6:30.  The choir students are working tremendously hard on their solos so they can get a 1 on their solo, which is the  highest ranking score. 1-5 is what the students are graded on 1 being great and 5 being not so good. The students give their all in their singing and their scores should go on how much heart and dedication they put out in their solo.

Mia Self (7) says smiling, “I’m excited for Solo ensemble, but yet I’m nervous too!” From experience trust me any student who is doing Solo and Ensemble will absolutely love it and be glad they did. 

Good luck to all of the students who are trying out for Solo Ensemble! Mrs. Silvia is very proud of you and your hard work on your solos.

By: Julia Ortiz