Spurs lead their Way to Semi-finals

March 16, the San Antonio Spurs Beat Golden State 94-82. That was the Spurs 4th winning game leaving Golden State with only three wins. The Spurs played an intense game and was able to beat Golden State in their own court. So far the Spurs have swept The Lakers and beat Golden State 4-3. Sunday, March 19, at 3:30pm the San Antonio Spurs will play the Memphis Grizzlies as their first out of seven games in the Semi-finals. The San Antonio Spurs are in 1st place in the western finals and right behind them in 2nd place is the Memphis Grizzlies. Ishmael Cantu (8) says “Spurs will defeat the Grizzlies, go Spurs go!”

Fun in the Sun

Every year 8th grade students go on a field trip to Time Warner Park. In order to be eligible to go you must be passing all of your classes (including electives), receive no ISS as of April 17, receive no more than five tardies as of April 17 and no unexcused absences as of April 17.You must turn in two dollars with your permission slip in order to get pizza. There will be many activities to do including soccer, softball, frisbee, sand volleyball or you could just swim and hang out with your friends. It’s a time to celebrate the great year and say goodbye to the 8th graders.

Khalil Drones (8) says, “I can’t wait! All my friends will be there, and it’s going to be fun”.


The Walking Dead season 3 Ends

The walking Dead is a very popular show in cable television. The first episode came out October 31, 2010 and since then has become many peoples favorite show. The last episode of season 3 “Welcome to tombs” was shown March 31, 2013 and left many people wanting more since “Rick”(the sheriff) and his group did not get to Vanquish the “Governor” for attacking them in the prison. Richard Martinez (8) said ” I was shocked  at the end because they did not eliminate the governor and he might come back the next season.”

The next season is said to come back October 2013. Will Rick and his Group ever get to kill the Governor?

Brenda Zamora says, “I hope the next season is even better!”

R.I.P season 3-

Sarah Wayne Callies(Lori Grimes)

Luarie Holden(Andrea)

Iron E Singleton(T-Dog)

Micheal Rooker(Merle Dixon)