This week in Texas History we have our DBQ also known as databased question, is an essay or series of short-answer questions that is constructed by students using one’s own knowledge combined with support from several provided sources. Usually it is employed on timed history tests.

This will be due on December 15, 2014 for Mr.Gaffney and Coach Z”s classes. According to Karley Head (7), “The DBQ is easy, really, just look at the documents.”

“Also, ask for help and you will be fine,” says Victoria Garza (7). So 7th graders make sure you work hard and feel confident when you turn it in.

One of the Best

this is Mr.gaffeney teaching his class

this is Mr.gaffeney teaching his class

One of the best teachers at Garner Middle School has a twin. He also is a social studies teacher. His favorite animal is a giraffe and, he loves the color blue. He also has an 8 month old daughter named Charlee. He is Mr.Gaffeny! According to Leonardo Plaza (7), “He gives me lots of opportunities and he is just amazing.”

 He also used to work for the president. Well he worked for the president 7 months from March of 2008 through the election. What he would do is go to door to door make phone calls and organize rallies. Also, his brother works at Krueger Middle School and is a coach, and Social Studies teacher too.

Cooking class

This is the class where you are free to make a mess, but the good thing is you can cook while you make a mess. Today they were making pizzas rolling the dough and tossing it in the air. Then they would make it flat and twist the edges. After, pizza sauce would flow on the flat pizza, then they sprinkle cheese and they put it in the oven, then wait until it is ready. After a couple minutes they let it cool.

this is hashem misara (8) making ghis pizza

this is hashem misara (8) making this pizza