Battle of Flowers… Where Fiesta Began!

Every April San Antonio  hosts a celebration called Battle of the Flowers. This parade honors the soldiers who have died in the Battle of the Alamo and celebrates the victory of San Jacinto. ” I go to the parade every  year because I like to party and see the big colorful floats”- Gabby Pena (8). “Rockin’ on the Waters” is this year’s theme for the floats that pass through the San Antonio River Walk. This week is full of carnivals, cold drinks, hot foods, and colorful hats!  “My favorite part of fiesta week is going to the parades and looking at the really cool floats”- Zachary Pastor (8). What are you looking forward to; the parade, the float designs, or even the crowning of the King and Queen?

By: Lucy Sanchez

Turn My Dreams Into Reality

“I want to be a model when I’m older”-Kya Mattress (6). Dreams we all wish, memories we all see, and reality we’re all in. We go to school to make our future lives better. Teachers tell us everyday “The sky is the limit.” What we do with our education is up to us. Each and everybody has one wish to be someone BIG! Most kids in middle school wish to be singers, actresses, and head sportsmen. Why settle for less? Us kids are all told everyday be and dream what you want, because you can do anything you set your mind to. “My parents are my biggest motivators, because they always help and do everything for me,”- Damean Luna (7). Teachers, parents, friends, even the ones that are less fortunate can be your motivators. Inspire to be something more than less.

-Lucy Sanchez

Library Days


 The Tobin library ,located next to Garner, is one of the many places were children go to have fun, read, and talk to friends. The library has a Teen Day every Wednesday. The Tobin Library aids offer arts & crafts, games, and delious snacks.   “I go to the library to have fun and enjoy times that I didn’t have with my friends-plus I have to wait for my mom there everyday,” said Gabby Pena (8). Since the library closes at 6 Garner students love to wait because of all the things they can do. “The library is fun because of Wednesdays, and all my friends go there, so I like to catch up,” says Alyssa Rienard (8). Going to the library is certainly one of the many things eighth graders will miss when they depart from middle school and move on to high school since the majority have been going there since their first year at Garner.