Finals: The Middle Schools F-word

Yes! The STAAR exams are over and students feel as though all their troubles for the school year are over. Oops!  Nobody told students about the upcoming final exams. Students are now in a frantic state, trying to study in time for these major test grades. Although the STAAR test is the test that students find the most important, it counts for the state and there still needs to be a district issued final exam or project.

In some classes the ‘Final’ is in the form of a project that counts for majority of the students’ grades. In 8th grade U.S. History, students that have Mrs. Bonds have to read the book “Across Five Aprils” by Irene Hunt and do a project the proves that the student read and understood the book. There are also some classes that are participating in technology based projects, but some are sticking to a good old fashioned test.

Students in Spanish 1B are preparing for the EOC in their class. The students aren’t the only ones preparing though. Ms. Rodriguez is printing out page after page of study guides and reviews to reinforce what these students have been studying for these past two years. Ms. Rodriguez says, “What I have been doing in these classes is showing them how easy the EOC will be if they work for it, so I’ve given them worksheets for them to work on and practice on in preparation.”

Spanish isn’t the only class having a good old pencil and paper test. Math teachers are working hard to fit in every last bit of information they can before the students take these exams. Mrs. Hughes, an Algebra teacher, is trying to show her students that a good work ethic will be beneficial and that going over you test will prevent silly mistakes.

Whether you’re going to do a project, presentation, or paper test, you should listen to students such as James Syler (8). James Syler (8) says, “I’m just going to study and try my hardest during the finals.”

Yazmin Cruz(8) and Joseph Cortez(8) studying for Spanish EOC.


On May 3rd, 2013 Garner celebrated the annual Garner Fun Night & Dance. Students of all grades came to hang out with their friends and dunk teachers in the dunking booth. There was food, laughter, and a whole lot of fun. Of course there was dancing. Yearling danced in the old gym to the music and had a blast. Mason Prevost (8) says, ” Fun Night was awesome, got to hang with friends and forget about the pressures of school.” Mason wasn’t the only one who had a great time, Meaghan Setterbo(8) says,”My favorite part of Fun Night was the dancing.”. Whether you were pushing through the obsticle course or dancing to you favorite song, Fun Night was, well, Fun.

My Chemical Breakup

My Chemical Romance- A band made up of legends. Their music will forever live on, but they won’t be releasing any new music. This band consisted of Gerard Way (lead singer), Frank Ireo and Ray Toro (guitarists), Bob Bryar (drums)(the original drummer Matt Pelissier left), and Mikey Way (bassist).  The band broke up on March 22, 2013.

Emma Cote’s (8) MCR merchandise.

Many fans are upset with the news about the split, but most are coping. It’s been a hard time for rock fans lately. An idolized rock figure from another band, Mitch Lucker, died September 1st. Then Mikey Way (MCR’s bassist) got engaged to a model while his then wife was pregnant, which made many MCR fans upset. Rosalina Navarro says, “It’s been a bad year for rock.”

Resulting in the band’s disbandment several unstable fans of MCR committed suicide. Emma Cote (8) says, “I understand where they are coming from but, they went way too far. It’s stupid but also sad.” This isn’t the first time MCR has been blamed for the death of a fan. In 2008 a young girl hanged herself believing that was what MCR was all about. People then started to point fingers at the band. Contrary to what they thought, the band had been speaking out against suicide. Many fans argue that MCR is about saving lives, not ending them.