The Hobbit

One of the many book covers for the book “The Hobbit”
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“The Shire” is the place where the hobbits live.
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They year is 1937, and on a late September day you walk into a book store. You stumble upon a recently published book with a unique title, The Hobbit. You did not yet know the overwhelming importance that this book would have in lives of many generations.

The Hobbit is a well known book written by John Ronald Revel Tolkien. There have been multiple movie and play productions of this infamous book. Now Garner is having a production of their own The Hobbit on Tuesday May 2, 2013 at 7:00. Paris Duhart (7) is going to play the role of Dwalin, son of Fundin and brother of Balin. Skyler Edminstien (8) whom is playing the elf attendant and an understudy for the Elvin queen says, “When I saw the movie The Hobbit I thought it was awesome so when I had the chance to be in the play I took it and I was so excited!”

The Yearlings chosen to act in this play have been practicing for hours on end. They have numerous rehearsals to ensure that they will be perfect the day of the production and although there have been countless other theater presentations that Garner’s theater arts students have to be compared to, these Yearlings are thrilled to be able to be part of The Hobbit. Lunden Lopez (8) says, “I’m very excited and cannot wait for the play!”

These talented students, elves, hobbits, and so forth are dedicated, hardworking, and most importantly, having fun.

Candyland Dance

Miabel Self (8) and Mitchell Markey (8) dancing together.

Meaghan Setterbo (8) and Kyle Rhodes (8) showing of their dance moves to “Don’t stop Believing” by Journey.

Mason Prevost(8) holding hands with Rosalina Navarro (8) before entering the dance.

Lina Forero (8) and Jordan Blocker (8) goofing around on the dance floor.

These volunteers are getting pizza and lasagna ready for hungry Yearlings.

Julia Ortiz (8) and Daniel Lopez(8) hang out together at the dance.

Matthew Sauceda (8) and Eddie Shoemo (8) showing off their “Gangam Style”.