Kimye’s Baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a bundle of joy on the way! Kim Kardashian is 12 weeks pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Daniel Dunworth (8) says, “I’m Proud of her, she finally found someone to love her and start a family with her.” Kim and Kanye started dating in April, about five months after Kim filed for divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries.  The divorce has yet to be finalized, leading people to believe that the Californian law, the “presumed father” being the current legal husband (Kris Humphries), will force Kim to prove that Kanye West is the father. ABC© news’s legal analyst Dana Cole says, “It’s a law that ensures that a child has two parents, it’s used in absence of evidence to the contrary, if someone is not claiming fatherhood. In this situation, it would never be triggered.”  All of y’all Kimye fans have nothing to worry about.

The couple seems to be happy with the pregnancy. Kanye announced the news at a concert in front of 5,000 fans in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kim announced the news that Kim and Kanye have already started to build an $11 Million Mansion for a family in Bel Air, California. This mansion will have an indoor and outdoor basketball court, a salon, a bowling alley, a gym, and a movie theater. Even though Kim and Kanye’s lives are full of TV worthy drama, most Yearlings believe that they will be good parents.

Gwen Sherman (8) reading an eArticle on kindle about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy

Snack Apocolypse!

The Twinkie’s Death

Twinkies, HoHo’s, Snowballs, Suzy-Q’s, MiniMuffins, CupCakes, Donettes, Fruit pie, Zingers, and Wonder Bread are no more. Hostess brand announced that it was closing down on November 16, 2012. The most infamous snack in this list is of course the Twinkie. The iconic Twinkie has been in countless movies including Ghostbusters, ZombieLand, Die Hard, and Weird Al.

18,000 people will lose their jobs. Hostess blames the union workers for their bankruptcy because they went on strike, yet Hostess gave their top management an 80% raise.

  What are Yearlings thinking about what Hostess is doing? Nathen Mcardle (6) says, “They shouldn’t have gone bankrupt in the first place, they should still be making those snacks.” Hostess offered to sell their recipes to the highest bidding company. Kyle Eakle (6) believes, “It’s a great idea to sell them, because their snacks are good.” Although Hostess management seems pretty selfish, they got into the holiday spirit by donating most of their stock to the food bank.  James Syler thinks, “That’s great because there are families in need especially during the holidays.

No matter what Hostess does, Garner yearlings will always have a place in their heart for Hostess snacks.

Veterans Day, Holiday?


A day of remembrance and honor, a day that we celebrate the people that will give up their lives for us. That day is Veterans Day. It is celebrated on 11-11-12 and 11-12-12. It is a Federal holiday, yet we still have school. This has many Yearlings complaining. Many Garner students have family that have served in the U.S Military and they want to spend time with them. James Syler (8) believes, “We should all celebrate and take a day off to celebrate our veterans.” Some people will argue that a school ceremony is enough, but wouldn’t you rather have a good time with family and family friends that have served in the military? Even if you don’t know veterans, you can write thank you letters and go to local celebrations that honor and thank these heroes. Don’t take it the wrong way, a school celebration would be nice, but it’s only giving Yearlings thirty minutes to show gratitude before they’re whisked away to go on with school like any other day.

Hopefully one day the school district will realize that Veterans Day is something more than a thirty minute ceremony. “It’s a day where every single soldier should be appreciated for what they do, and did, for us,” says Larissa Ramos (8)

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