End of Year FUN for 8th Graders

As many should know, the eighth grade field trip is on Tuesday May 21. All those who have qualified to go will be having fun at Time Warner Park.

Joseph Hernandez (8) said, “I believe many eighth graders will be going on the field trip because its fun and their friends will be there.” There’s a very positive outlook on the eighth graders going on this field trip according to this statement.

“I think it will be fun because school is almost over as well as it the trip being to Time Warner Park,” said Manuel Moke (8). Many think that the park will be fun and are greatly looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

Iron Man Has Returned!

Quite recently Iron Man 3 has come out and has caused a great deal of excitement for all of the fans.

Manuel Moke (8) said, “I want to see it because I believe that it will be as good as the first and second one.” Many people want to see it for this same reasoning.

“I think Iron Man 3 will do well because it’s the sequel the fans have been waiting for,” said Xavier Crews (8). There are a lot of positive responses about the movie, even from those who haven’t seen it.  This makes the movie seem very promising and probably is.

The popular sequel is about a villain named “The Mandarin” that has been assaulting the United States as well as Iron Man. Only Iron Man has enough power to stop him.

The Hobbit, Here? Yes, and Masks included

Quite recently the school’s theatre arts department has decided to put on a play of the movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in early May and have asked the art classes to help out by creating the masks for the cast of the play. The play will be hosted here at Garner.

Only a few choice masks will be used in the play for the cast themselves while others will be made for promotional purposes. Now some of you may be wondering, “Why doesn’t the theatre arts department make the masks?”  Well, Crystal Gephart (8) says, “The art classes should make the masks because all of the drama students are too busy preparing for the play making props, remembering lines, etc.”

Another question is, “What about the parts to the play?” This question has been asked because people are questioning if everyone got a role that suits them perfectly. “Yes and no because some people should have gotten a role best suited for them but didn’t because someone was supposedly ‘better’ than them,” says Vanessa Huerta (8).

No matter what, this show is going to be great and should not be missed!