Brr-Cold Weather

               “I like the cold weather, “says Jade Brookbank (7).  It was cold Thursday and Friday, but now it feels like it’s getting warmer. The days go on and off from cold to warm to extremely hot. Everybody at school was allowed to wear non-uniform jackets.

It was cold all over San Antonio, very cold, and this cold front came from nowhere. It was cold at Garner Middle School, so cold in fact you could see air coming from people’s mouth. Everyone was wearing a Garner hoodie or a jacket.

Thursday and Friday was very cold and then on Saturday and Sunday it was warmer during the day. Monday is slightly cloudy and windy. “I didn’t even have to wear a jacket on Monday,” says Grace Kim (7).

On the news Wednesday night they said a major cold front was coming Thursday and possibly Friday. A cold front is something that doesn’t happen much it Texas because usually it’s extremely hot in Texas.

The Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is on November 28 and everybody is excited.  Aren’t you excited, ready to eat tons of food with your friends  and family?  Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family. Everybody and anybody who has ever meant something to you probably should be with you on Thanksgiving.

Everybody has different traditions they do on Thanksgiving.  Most families cook a big turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, stuffing, ham, pumpkin pie, rolls, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and of course who could forget the gravy.  Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating on a Thursday with people; it’s a day to actually be thankful for what you have. “My family just makes turkey and we ate and then we all watch football, everybody’s there all my closest friends and family”- Harleigh Watson 8th

In 1621 the Plymoth colonists and Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving.  They were the first people to ever do something like that in celebrating a day and being thankful for everything you have. It wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln announced that Thanksgiving was going to be held each November.

Thanksgiving is many things to different people. Everything is special to us all in many different ways.  This holiday is something you should be happy about.  We have school off and on thanksgiving we all eat a ton of food.

Red Ribbon Posters

Red Ribbon Week…is almost here though not exactly here. People in art are competing in the red ribbon week poster competition. It’s held right here in the school, some of the school administrators are the judges.  The prize you’ll get if you win is gift cards, gift baskets, and your poster hung up in the lunchroom.

So many people are participating. Everybody’s overall theme for the posters is “a healthy me is drug free” and they have to add a picture and a great message. All of the posters must have full color, details, and correct spelling.

“My poster’s about how I want you to be healthy, and not do drugs.”-Paisley Garret (7)